The Free_Kender

This weekend we will be hosting 2 free events Friday 12th and Sat 13th with 3 bands each night,
Its primarily for our friends and colleagues who donated to our Kickstarter but we would like to see everyone regardless of donations or not as by just being there is supporting us and is most appreciated, in the twitter feed I wrote, bring ya pal, bring ya mams, bring ya Da’s and I mean it , those of you who dont make it I want to see a note from ya Mam or ya Da!!
Let see you at the bar, and hope you enjoy the nights, come to one, come to both your always welcome


Kick Starter

Good day to you all, Just an update on our programme of refurbishments. Funds from kickstarter were transferred to our account late last week and materials are now being purchased with view to commence work in between gigs and rehearsals this weekend. Its difficult to find any tradesmen to carry out the jobs we need doing with our timetable so we are starting the Ladies toilets this weekend ourselves, being accomplished DIY,ERS we are confident of a quality installation!! Of course things don’t always go to plan and as sure as eggs are eggs there has been a fck up in the delivery of the new vanity basin, it has been broken by the courier and as of now we ain’t got a replacement. Hopefully it will be here before the weekend.

On another matter, how about Joey Swindles, what a dude, and great for us that he has his Rookery jamming sessions this Thursday 4/10/18 where an expectant excited crowd is gonna turn up to participate in making a discernible noise and to witness his drumming prowess.

We are busy this weekend with gigs Friday Saturday and Sunday and we hope all will go to plan , and you all have a blast.

Cheers and #SYATB